Monika Stefaniak

My name is Monika Stefaniak and I live and work in sunny South Florida!  Over a decade ago I moved to West Palm Beach with my wonderful husband and our four dachshunds. 

I was born and raised in Hungary, but later I moved to Germany and to England.  After learning both languages, I then traveled the world as a photographer for several years before settling in Florida.  

I enjoy gardening, painting, working with clay, taking classes, listening to books, and running. 

My art education has consisted of various formal art classes as well as numerous ceramic and sculpting workshops, but primarily I enjoy experimenting on my own. In my home ceramics studio, I can easily get lost in time with nothing more than a scraper tool and a lump of clay, working on designs inspired by the beauty of my backyard garden and the varied wildlife making its home here.

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